The NXM2G- Intelligent Boiler Flame Controls

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Driving Standard Agency

Sabien the manufacturer of Fireye NXM2G supports DSA’s carbon Plan

The Driving Standards Agency (DSA) is using Sabien Technology’s M2G intelligent boiler load optimizers to help it meet its carbon reduction targets by preventing boiler standby cycling. At the DSA’s Eastgate site, for….Read More

RAF Odiham’s

M2G helps reduces  gas consumption and CO2 Emissions by 15%

Royal Air Force Odiham is based in North Hampshire with a working population of 2,000. Three support helicopter squadrons and one Army Air Corp squadron are based there. Following the installation of M2G on….Read More

 Lincolnshire County Council

M2G intelligent boiler load optimizers helped Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) reduce its gas consumption by 15% across 23 properties with reductions in CO2 emissions of 1,980 tonnes over five years, with a projected return on investment of 2.3 years.

M2G units have been fitted to 82 boilers in 23 properties, including residential homes, libraries, registry offices and council offices. Each M2G has been integrated with existing building management systems and….Read More

HMS Sultan

Fireye has supplied 111 M2G intelligent boiler load optimizers to HMS Sultan, the home of the Defense School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE) and the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School (RNAESS). Analysis of energy consumption data indicates a 12% energy saving, with a return on investment within 1.4 years.

Installation of the M2G units was part of a wider ranging program of energy conservation measures carried out at HMS Sultan by facilities management company Babcock International Group, which has delivered….Read More