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M2G results in 12% energy saving- HMS Sultan

Fireye has supplied 111 M2G intelligent boiler load optimizers to HMS Sultan, the home of the Defense School of Marine Engineering (DSMarE) and the Royal Naval Air Engineering and Survival School (RNAESS). Analysis of energy consumption data indicates a 12% energy saving, with a return on investment within 1.4 years.                                                  Return to Case Studies

Installation of the M2G units was part of a wider ranging program of energy conservation measures carried out at HMS Sultan by facilities management company Babcock International Group, which has delivered cost savings over $2.67MM.

Measurement and Verification

“Initially we evaluated the performance of M2G on the three boilers in the JRAC building, as these had high gas consumption. Once these results had proved the savings we rolled the solution out to the remaining 108 boilers on the HMS Sultan estate.”

M2G units were installed in the JRAC building in January 2012 and gas consumption data for the four months post-­‐installation was compared with data for 12 months pre-­‐installation. These results were corrected using degree data, to take account of weather variations, and subsequent consumption analysis showed a 12% reduction in energy consumption. Across the estate this will equate to an annual cost savings of $168,000 with an annual reduction in CO2 emissions of 1 mkg.

BMS Integration

“A number of the buildings across the HMS Sultan have existing controls in place. “The M2Gs ability to work in harmony with our existing BMS and any future BMS upgrades and deployments was a prerequisite for us and it has been proven since the installation of the M2G” GLENN CHATWOOD ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY MANAGER

M2G integrates and complements any BMS system, including controls such as outside temperature reset, boiler sequencing and optimum start control. By fine-­‐tuning each boiler to address boiler dry-­‐cycling M2G delivers additional cost savings and carbon reductions over and above the existing building and boiler controls.

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