The NXM2G- Intelligent Boiler Flame Controls

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Current Boiler Operation without Fireye NXM2GLoop

Closed loop hot water boilers run at all times in a range of between approximately 160 and 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Once this targeted temperature is achieved, the boiler shuts off and cools for a “dead band” period of approximately 2.5 degrees. Once the “dead band” is reached the boiler will purge out all combustible materials as well as any remaining heat in the boiler and fire once again until it reaches the targeted temperature. This recurring boiler firing (cycling) occurs continuously, even on warmer days when no heat is required. This inefficiency increases energy spend due to boiler standby-cycling.

Fireye NXM2G In Action

M2G in Action

Designed by boiler experts in Europe, the Fireye NXM2G product is a boiler control microprocessor that determines if a real request for heat on the boiler exists, or if the boiler is standby-cycling. If it is determined that a real call exists, the boiler is immediately released to fire. If it is determined that there is a false call for heat, the dead-band is automatically increased from 2.5 degrees to 14.5 degrees or 15 minutes (whichever occurs first) before allowing the boiler to fire. The microprocessor checks for real calls every 10 seconds and dynamically responds to boiler requests. If at any time during the increased dead band cycle, or 15 minute cycle, the boiler receives a real call for heat, the boiler will be allowed to fire. Finally, because real calls for heat from the boiler are not interrupted, the comfort levels of the building occupants are not adversely affected. The interior temperatures remain consistent with those temperatures achieved before NXM2G installation.


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